1. UKGRAD changes it's name to Vitae.

2.Tim will be working on the following courses.

 Effective Researcher  Nottingham Trent University 13/12 March 08
 Effective Researcher University of Loughborough 17/18 March 08
 LocalGRAD Moving Ahead University of Birmingham 22/24 April 08
 Effective Researcher University of Bangor

 12/13 May 08

 New Tutor Training Rugby 13/14 June
 Effective Researcher

 University of Kent

 16/17 June
 Summer School UKERC 22/27 June
 SURAT LocalGRAD Glasgow Caledonian University 24/29 August
 Oxford MPLS LocalGRAD University of Oxford  16/18 September
 Effective Researcher Nottingham Trent University 29/30 September
 Effective Researcher University of Birmingham 24/25 November
 Effective Researcher University of Loughborough  1/2 December